Italian Sub Panini

Ham, chorizo, spicy salami, sun dried tomato and mozzarella in a ciabatta £5.95


Italian Chicken Panini (n)

Chicken, mozzarella and pesto £5.95


Caprese Panini (v)

Buffalo mozzarella, vine tomatoes, basil & balsamic vinegar (vegan option available with vegan mozzarella) £5.95


Ham & Mozzarella Panini

Ham and mozzarella cheese £4.95


Brunch Panini

Italian sausage, spinach, chestnut mushrooms, mozzarella, homemade tomato sauce £5.95


Meatball Panini 

homemade meatballs, mozzarella and touch of chilli 🌶 


Spaghetti Bolognese

Traditional homemade meat sauce

 ½ portion £4.95 / main portion £7.95


Homemade lasagne

Layers of egg pasta, parmesan cheese, béchamel sauce, Bolognese and topped with mozzarella cheese

½ portion £4.95/ main portion £8.95


Penne Pollo Pomodori (n)

Chicken, garlic, sun-dried tomato, finished in a creamy pesto sauce

½ portion £4.95 / main portion £7.95


Penne Arrabbiata (v) (ve)

Homemade spicy tomato & basil sauce

½ portion £4.95 / main portion £6.95


Chicken Risotto

Arborio rice with chicken, chestnut mushrooms, peppers, cherry tomatoes and a touch of chilli £8.95


Burger Italiano

Homemade 8oz beef burger, with melted mozzarella and salad in a ciabatta, served with fries £8.95


Chicken Burger

Chargrilled chicken breast, with melted mozzarella, pesto and salad in a ciabatta, served with fries £8.95


Svago Brunch Pizza*

Italian sausage, cherry tomatoes, free range egg and spinach £8.95


12"inch Margherita Pizza (v)*

Mozzarella, tomato & basil £6.95

Additional pizza toppings 50p each: - ham, olives, mushrooms, peppers, fresh tomato, pepperoni, chicken, spinach & egg

(* not included in Pizza Tuesday buy 1 get 1 free / gluten free pizza bases £1.50 supplement)

Extras – £1.95 each (fries, garlic bread, mixed salad, marinated olives)