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If you got interested into Italian style, kitchen and mood our restaurant is the right place for you. Cooks with a perfect taste, waiters and waitresses with good manners, perfect interior, delicious dishes and the right Italian mood is here at the Whitehouse. Discover the best of Italian cuisine, feel the soul of Europe and just relax and enjoy your meal in the restaurant.



Long ago I got a chance to get my education in Italy.
I was studying in Rome. While living in Italy I just deeply fell in love with Italian cuisine. After coming back home I spent years on searching the right place to eat something truly Italian. And here it is – the Whitehouse restaurant. This is where I go every time I feel overwhelmed with nostalgia or just want to taste the real pasta one more time.

Whitehouse is the right family place for me.
It is already a tradition for us to visit this place every Friday evening. I really enjoy the interior and music, my husband likes all kinds of pizzas they serve here and my little daughter is crazy about desserts.

I will never stop visiting this place.
It is just a hideaway for me. It is located in a quite district and I like to come there after work. In the evening when the sun covers the whole room with light and warmness I enjoy my meal and think of my global plans. Everything is perfect here: from basil leaf on pasta to the color of walls. To my opinion Whitehouse deserves a Michelin Star.

Whitehouse is not just a place to eat for me.
It is a very special restaurant because this is where I met the love of my life. I came here on a first day with a girl from my college and now I come here with my wife. We adore this place and enjoy awesome dishes here. But there are a couple of recommendations I would like to give just to improve this place. Music is too loud sometimes turn on some lounge tracks that will match the style of the restaurant. And please, put more olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the tables. In general the work you, guys, do is amazing. Go on!